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Zehus presents a new all in one powertrain. Generation 2. Revolutionary. Again.

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Milano, September 30th,  2019  Every once in a while a revolutionary product comes along and changes the way people live. Zehus all in one system did that already back in 2013. Now, we are so thrilled because we are introducing a new solution that will reshape the way you ride.
Led by the dream for a better and more sustainable world, the passion for smart mobility solutions and the excitement for defect-free technology, at Zehus we developed our second generation All In One system that we simply call AIO generation 2.


Zehus created an easy-to-use, powerful, fast-connecting, multi-function All In One powertrain. And it is super smart; AIO generation 2 will give you a new sustainable mobility experience, which makes your rides more fun, safe, efficient, and engaging . We have turned your bike in a wearable device. 


“Led by a dream for a better future, we created our second generation All In One system” 


A totally new digital experience – We completely redesigned our bitride app, improving its features and User eXperience. The new platform now features:


  • e-shop, so the customer can buy smart mobility products
  • embedded real time diagnostics
  • new power modes
  • direct customer care in app


But we know that – while cycling – your smartphone lives in your pocket. So, want to have all of this at your fingertips too? Check this:

With our small, discrete and fully wireless remote control you can activate the Regenerative Braking, have an extra boost when you need it, turning on/off the system and switch power modes on demand. The bright LEDs inform you on the battery state of charge, the current power mode, the motor power. The remote control is so engaging that it becomes addictive in seconds! It could also be the key to your bike, if you want this.


“The remote control is so engaging that it becomes addictive in seconds” 


Safer than ever, as light as always – Thanks to our innovative Active Electric Lock System nobody – except you – can use your e-bike once you have locked it. With this new technology, upon lock activation cycling will be definitely impossible. Still we suggest to use a mechanical lock for long stops, as Zehus powered bikes are typically light and easy to carry. Anyhow, once locked your hub will not be usable until you set it “free”.

AIO generation 2 adds so much to the older brother. Anyway, it keeps the same stealth aesthetics and so it is still super light and portable: 3.5 kg for the most compact solution on the market. Try to design a “9 kg e-bike”: with our AIO you can do that, without compromising the design of the bike. Our super cool 3-and-half kg powertrain is really light. And, thanks to the latest improvements, it is now the most attractive on the market.


Zehus All In One generation 2. Revolutionary. Again. 




Zehus SPA is a company founded in 2013 as a Spinoff of Politecnico di Milano, the best technology institute in Italy and one of the best in the world. Zehus product is a very compact all in one powertrain for e-bikes,  BIKE+ all in one. This product integrates motor, battery, electronics and sensors in a single component. Launched on the market in 2014 Zehus product was, and still is, the first and the most compact all in one on the market. BIKE+ was honored with several awards, including Ceative Selection Gold Award in Shanghai and ISPO brandnew Award in Munich. In 2015, Zehus company was named LEVA innovator of the year, winning also Italian Master Startup award, Smart City innovation award and Best Italian Startup of the year by Corriere della Sera. In 2016, Zehus won a Horizon 2020 grant to develop a smart and hybrid free floating bike sharing solution. In 2019, Zehus joined Eldor Corporation, an international group leader in the automotive industry. This is a huge step ahead in terms of production quality and reliability. Eldor serves customers all around the globe, with production plants in Italy, Turkey, Brasil, China and USA. Zehus is now part of a group of companies that enables crossfield innovation while leveraging on state of the art industrialization capabilities. Together with Eldor, Zehus aims to become a leading powertrain technology provider in the e-bike business.


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