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Zehus takes part of PEBSS members in ECF

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Milan, Jun 9th 2017 Zehus is happy to announce the enrollment into PEBSS platform by ECF. EBSS works with many stakeholders to create a healthy market for Shared Bicycle Mobility: everybody contributes, everybody gains. Zehus is promoting Shared Bicycle Mobility through the development of the innovative bitride platform.

bitride is the first platform for free floating eBike sharing, based on the unique ZEHUS non-plug in power unit. We all need PEBSS to make sure bike share is on top of the decision-makers’ agenda and that its development is well supported. We have the ambitious objective of bringing our technology to public bikes for a better user experience and a significant reduction of operational costs: and I am sure PEBSS can help us delivering what our customers expect” (Marcello Segato, CEO Zehus)



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