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Breaking down the barriers
to e-biking

Battery life, worries about theft and the heaviness of the device are all factors which can put people off buying an e-bike. An Austrian manufacturer is addressing these concerns with its lightweight bike, which folds up small and charges its own battery as it goes along.

The EU project VELLO CMC is helping Austrian start-up VELLO to overcome the barriers to a bigger take-up in European cities by funding a feasibility study. In the process, it aims to popularise a more sustainable form of urban mobility. “People are looking for a personal mobility solution which is light, can be taken anywhere, folds up easily and doesn’t pollute,” says VELLO co-founder Valerie Wolff. The VELLO Bike+ is very light, weighing in at just under 12 kg. It can be folded up in two quick steps thanks to VELLO’s own folding mechanism design, including an innovative magnetic latch and vertical front fold, now patented. This means a full-sized bicycle can be quickly folded down to a size four times smaller, suitable for stowing on a train or under the desk at work, thereby keeping it safe from theft. It also offers a solution to the problem of getting stuck somewhere with a flat battery.


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