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Zehus - Zero Emission Human Synergy - is a start-up Spinoff company of Politecnico di Milano born in 2013. it has been founded with the partnership of M-31 Italia.


Zehus' mission is to develop innovative human-hybrid vehicles that optimize the synergy between the electric motor and the human body.


We took advantage of our solid and internationally recognized experience in Urban Mobility to develop our first products within the cycling world


Bike+all in one Revolution-08-1

Change the way you ride

Bike+ is a technology that, using a sophisticated and “smart” powerpack, reduces the cyclist’s fatigue by managing his energy in a better way. A bicycle equipped with Bike+ technology is a brand new type of vehicle that:

  • is used exactly like a normal bicycle
  • switches on/off automatically
  • supports the cyclist only during the most strenuous actions (starts, accelerations, uphill)
  • recovers the energy when it would be otherwise lost (decelerations, higher constant speed, downhill)
  • never needs to be recharged from the grid!

The system uses the human energy in the most efficient way helping the cyclist to cover more distance with less fatigue by increasing his metabolic efficiency(30% efficiency increasing | 20% oxygen consumption reduction MEASURED in real tests!!!)

With Bike+ technology, Zehus created the most efficient zero emission vehicle!

Zehus, tech excellence

Zehus is a startup spinoff of Politecnico di Milano, the best tech university in Italy

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Trustwhorty and reliable

M31Italia is a venture capital who believed in the orignial Bike+ idea and gave Zehus the economic support for developing the technology

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Supporting cast

e-Novia contributed in developing the products with BIKE+ technology inside

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