The first product of Zehus to reach the market, Bike+ is a new concept of bike integrating a sophisticated technology that optimizes the energy of the rider. Through an advanced energy management system, Bike+ is able to automatically provide assistance and to recover energy, such in a way that will never be necessary to recharge it. Bike+ is the first bike that takes the maximum advantage from your body and makes it more efficient than ever. Take your energy to a step further.

All in the wheel

We have been able to place all the components in one single area, in order to keep the bike simple and light like never before:
Battery pack,
Control Unit,
Bluetooth interface,

In this way the heart, the muscles and the brain of bike+ are all together in the rear wheel of the bike, with no other cables or connections needed.

The biggest effort has been directed to design the system in order to integrate all the needed parts in the best possible way. Each component has been deeply thought in relation with the others, to save more space and to make it lighter as possible. This required shaping every part of the Allin-the-wheel to work in harmony with the rest. This brought to a new exclusively, innovative, refined product we are proud to introduce to the market.