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What is the range of the new Sport hub products?

I am a private customer, can I retrofit my bike with The All in One or with any other Zehus system?

Where can I buy an eBike or eFootbike equipped with Zehus technology?

I am a manufacturer and I am interested in Zehus products. Who can I contact?

I am a private customer, how much does the Zehus system cost?

I am a bicycle shop/dealer, where can I buy a Zehus product?

Is Zehus an e-bike producer?

What is the range of The All in One battery?

How long does the battery last?

What is the correct way to store my Zehus powered e-bike?

What is the maximum speed that my Zehus powered e-bike can reach?

What is the difference between Halos and Horizon?

Are Zehus products waterproof?

I just bought a (foot-)bike powered by Zehus, how do I start?

I have problems with my (foot-)bike. Who can I contact to receive support?

How do I charge the battery? How long does it take?

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